.tetapkan muslim ku selalu.be a muslim warrior.

sabtu, 2 rejab 1432

with the name of Allah

al hadis
the prophet Muhammad peace upon on him said
"islam began as a strenger and shall return as a stranger  as it began. so, give glad tiding to the strangers" 
.sohih Muslim.

stranger do not bow foreheads to anyone besides Allah

stranger have choosen this to the motto of live

if you ask about us, we do not care about the tyrants

we are the regular soldiers of Allah, our path is a reserved path

we never care about the chain, rather we'll continue forever

so, lets us make jihat and battle and fight from the start


this is how they are free in the enslaved world


how many times we remembered the time when we were happy

in the book of Allah, we recite in the morning and the evening



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